Oregon Scientific Protocol v3 Wave Height and Water Temperature Sensor

Here you will find code for a 433MHz wireless sensor that emulates a THGR810 sensor and communicates with an Oregon Scientific WMR200 weather station.

The project used an Arduino Uno, a HC SR04 ping sensor to measure wave heights, a MLX90614 IR temperature sensor to remotely read the water temperature, and a generic 433MHz 4-pin transmitter.

You may not have any need for a wave height sensor, but the package breaks out the sensor in classes and hopefully makes it easy to implement your own type of sensor. The catch is that the data is sent back to the weather station in a temperature packet, so you will have to interpret the data. For example, I send wave height back in inches where each degree fahrenheit corresponds to 1 inch of wave height. A reading of 5.2°F would indicate a wave height of 5.2".

The source is provided under the MIT license from the Bildr project. You are free to reuse this code as you wish. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

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