Raspberry Pi and Arduino Based Gauges in a Car

When installing a Procharger D-1SC in my 92 Camaro, I wanted to monitor boost, fuel pressure, and air/fuel ratio. The simple solution would have been using readily available analog and digital gauges with an A-pillar gauge pod, but creating a custom set up was more interesting.

This project uses an Arduino Nano to measure analog signals from a 100psi pressure sensor, a wide band O2 sensor, and a 3-BAR MAP sensor. The data is transfered over serial USB to a Raspberry Pi. A Python script running on the Pi handles creating gauge graphics and displays them on a double DIN stereo. The system can show various screens - a screen with multiple gauges, or screens with a single gauge and a graph of the readings from last 10 seconds for that sensor. A custom bluetooth app on my Andriod phone is used for flipping between screens.

The bar graphs show current values as well as high and low readings from the last 10 seconds. Values and the graphs will turn yellow and red to indicate out of range conditions.

The source is provided under the MIT license from the Bildr project. You are free to reuse this code as you wish. DOWNLOAD IT HERE

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Gauges Display

Graph Display


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